Connecting individuals and local councils for everyone to have a voice.

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Gripe Iphone
Improving current systems

A communication tool used to create healthy debates within local communities and have a positive impact on the current system.

Councils and Local Residents

An aim to help councils save resources, cut costs, build community spirit and encourage citizens to take pride in their local environment.

Report Issues: Simply and Easily

Report local issues to your council in a simple, effective and inexpensive way.
Get feedback directly to your device and have a voice on local decisions.

Gripe enables clear communication between residents and local councils to report issues and get feedback.

  • Community Empowerment

    Get involved, vote, create awareness or volunteer to empower change.

  • Local Information

    View status reports and local maps to keep updated on your neighbourhood.

  • Personal Voice

    Upload your GRIPE for the community to vote and notify the local council at the same time.


GRIPE is a community focused tool which empowers citizens of a city to become more involved in their local neighbourhood and connect with local councils.

Residents can participate in the community by sharing their comments with other users, link to social media websites to raise awareness and access up-to-date feedback from the council as they respond to each issue. A top charts section allows users to see the most discussed and voted upon reports while a map section clearly visualises alerts within their current area.

Recognising the need for councils to gain insights and join conversations with the general public, representatives at the council can gain access to the GRIPE system, view detailed information and analysis of each case, while engaging with the public by providing up-to-date information.

We believe in the potential to create a service for local awareness, encourage innovation, highlight the need for community participation (volunteering) in local neighbourhoods and help councils to balance their current financial problems with city services.

Winning concept at FutureEverything
& GMDSP Lean Startup Weekend 2015

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  • "It gives me the ability to have a flow of information and control. As part of local council and government services, I think it promotes a sense of responsibility among the community."

    Sunil Mohan, AKQA

  • "It fits into the smart city vision. It’s got to be about giving people a voice. It’s what it does, it gives people a voice."

    Kevin Smyth, FutureEverything

  • "GRIPE allows the public sector and the public to be more informed to make more streamlined and efficient decisions"

    Doug Ward, UK Government Advisor

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